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Becoming An Agent

To become a licensed real estate agent in Washington, start by ensuring you’re at least 18 years old. Next, complete 90 hours of state-approved real estate education, which includes a 60-hour Real Estate Fundamentals course and a 30-hour Real Estate Practices course. After your coursework, register with PSI, the testing company, to take and pass both the national and state portions of the Broker’s exam. Once successful, you’ll be required to get fingerprinted, typically at the testing site, to facilitate a background check.

Past that, there are some practical steps for success:

Step 1: Affiliate with a Brokerage

Before you can activate your license, you need to first be affiliated with a licensed real estate brokerage (like Woodbridge Real Estate). This broker will mentor you and provide guidance as you begin your career.

Step 2: Apply For License

Once you have passed the exam and have chosen a brokerage, you can then apply for your Washington State real estate broker's license. There's an application fee, which varies.

Step 3: Post-Licensing Education

After obtaining your initial license, Washington requires new agents to complete a 90-hour post-licensing course called the "First Renewal Course" before the first renewal date of their broker's license. This is an important step in ensuring you are fully prepared to embark on your new career.

Step 4: Celebrate Your New Career

While there may be additional requirements for advancement, Congratulations on taking the steps towards a rewarding career in real estate! We welcome you to this dynamic profession and wish you immense success in your endeavors.

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