A Handy Solution for Stains on Butcher-Block Countertops

Wood kitchen counters are a beautiful addition to any home, providing warmth and character to your kitchen. Proper care and maintenance of your wood counters not only enhances their beauty, but also prolongs their lifespan. If neglected, wood counters can become damaged, stained, and even harbor bacteria.Table salt’s coarse texture can effectively remove stains from your countertops. To begin, sprinkle the salt over the affected area and scrub it with half a lemon. Leave it to sit overnight before rinsing it with water. Voila! Your countertops will look as good as new. With a little bit of effort, you can keep your wood kitchen counters looking beautiful and functioning well for years to come. So go ahead and make that dream kitchen a reality, and remember to take care of them along the way.

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